With an accumulation of over half a century of expertise in fitness training and competitive rowing, Fluid Rower developed machines that most closely mimic the sound and feel of real rowing on water.

The Apollo is the perfect choice for me. Thanks to the fluid system it runs quiet and smooth, and that is the way it suppose to be!

N de Vries

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The Apollo Hybrid AR Fluid Rower is the number one water rower for your home gym. Highest quality, hand lacquered American Ash, and the integrity of a strong steel frame – both providing good looking form and fuction on high performing level. This water rower provides a comfortable seat and with his textured finish, it prevents any slipping giving a secure feeling even during hard pulls. Together with an angled surface under the ball of your foot, footplates are adjustable to support a strong leg drive. Also equiped with FluidRower’s ergonomic handlebar for reduced strain on your wrists and hands.


The Apollo Hybrid AR Fluid Rower is built to last – FDF patented Variable Fluid Resistance technology makes it possible to adjust the resistance on this water rower from feather light to intense heavy at the turn of a dial. Our triple blade impeller system together with a durable belt drive to ensure an incredibly quiet and smooth stroke. Our dynamic recoil system with an extended bungee length on this water rower provides a rapid stoke without jarring at any moment. No dead spots – experience only consistency of resistance, with instant catch throughout the complete stroke.


Your workout performance on this water rower is clearly displayed on the multi-level monitor. You can track distance, Watts, calories burned, strokes per minute and more. USB connectivity allows you to optimize your training by access to our web-based logging and ranking system. Optional heart rate monitoring (Heart rate kit and belt sold separately). With options for vertical storage, transport wheels at the front and limited storage footprint. The conclusion is the Apollo Hybrid AR Fluid Rower is an ideal water rower for any home setting.